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Interior Inspiration : The Muzungu sisters…

I recently stumbled across a creative sister act who sell a a vibrant and exiting range of ethically sourced wares from around the globe.  Trawling through the “Muzungu Sisters” website has been the final nudge I needed to write a long overdue post on international bohemian style applied to interior design. 


In particular the rich ‘ethnic’ fabrics, braiding, pom poms and other embellishments are something that can be incorporated into the home. Below, I’ve trawled through some of my favourite home stores to find some international/bohemian style products…



1 2 3 4 5

Finally I’ve included a mixture of other inspiration images, including some finished design schemes which have interpreted the look in a variety of ways. For me the difficulty in applying this look is in trying to achieve an authenticity – it appears that the best bohemian looks are effortless (or at least appear so)… Whilst stores such as Anthropologie provide great reproduction products, the most honest and successful rooms feature collections of much loved, worn and antique articles that provide colourful narratives of the dwellers own travels and adventures.

Alternatively the more subtle use of objects, such as cushions & rugs which inject character and colour into more neutral schemes seems to be a more attainable way in which I might adopt the look successfully (until such a time that I have 1) travelled & 2)accumulated a wealth of interesting artefacts!).combo paired down bohemian design






stunning blue mosque


Some Links: Circus wagon with folk art textiles. Danish magazine RUM June 2010 , El Fenn Hotel Morocco, The muzungu sisters,  that bohemian girl

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A touch of neon…

This Post is dedicated to the neon interior design trend. The most sucessful inspiration images I have uncovered use the trend sparingly, using small accessories or artwork to add an injection of colour into an otherwise neutral scheme. Of course there are exceptions, for example the  eccentric home of Australian artist Damien Downey — reflective of his artwork, his interior design scheme pairs bold neons with softer pastels to great effect.


Here are a selection of inspiration images, some favourite neon products & “mood boards” to illustrate ways of creating the look @ home.

 <<  P E A C E   *    O U T  >>


A collage of the artist Damien Downeys home along with an example of his artwork.

(Images from Home Life , collage by Tatty Lace)



1 – Yellow spray paint required 2/3/4/5/6



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Interior Design Trend: Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring is another trend I can’t get enough of, it exudes sophistication but its zig-zag lines can also be playful & vibrant in tone. The variety of material options from brickwork to ceramics or wood can offer something clean or rustic in texture that can add depth or contrast to an interior design scheme…

Anyway – I sincerely  hope you reap as much enjoyment from the wild world of herringbone flooring as I have..

All the Best herringbone 6

herringbone 9 herringbone 8 Herringbone flooring 1 herringbone flooring 2 herringbone 3

herringbone 7
Taxidermy Fox carrying pheasant

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Antique Scouting: Tetbury, England

Today has been a lovely day spent antique hunting with my parents. My first time to the idyllic Gloucestershire town of Tetbury was certainly no disappointment, with a fab stock of antique shops, most of which had migrated from the beautiful georgian town of Bath, as the shop rental prices rocketed. Purchases today included three beautiful oversized glass jars filled with a wonderful selection of shells, a set of french blue glass tumblers & and a a small impressionist painting.

For Lunch we stopped at The Chefs Table, a beautiful bistro specialising in simple, rustic French dishes. We then drove home to Oxfordshire through the snow, just in time for my dad to watch the England V France rugby match.. and to do some online fantasy house hunting in the Tetbury area!

I would recommend a day trip to tetbury to everyone, particularly Antiques enthusiasts.. My fav antiques shop of the day were Brownrigg interiors & Brown and White & Lorfords (Photos below).

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagewomen & books Lady Painting side copy 2

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10 DIY / CRAFT PROJECTS to add charm, character and panache to your abode…

I must admit, I haven’t had time to try any of these projects and I won’t pretend I have. However I have spent many minutes thinking about doing them, and I will get round to it soon, so surely that deserves a few points. Anyway below are 10 of my favourites, including some copper (you know how I LOVE COPPER…), flowery chandeliers & also some organizational tricks (very practical). Now, some of them are just inspiration for something that I believe could be easily achievable with a few tools and the use of ones noggin, whilst others are full blown tutorials from some fabulous bloggers.


Tatty Lace X

1. Flower Chandelier originally from Lolita

2. Big Fringe DIY … ohhappyday.com

3.Cutting board DIY ohhappyday.com

4.Fabric Wrapped Hangers , because who the hell wants ugly hangers. from corrieberrypie

5.Dorm DIY Washi Tape picture frames … Design Sponge

6. Fabulous Tassel  & Pom Pom Key rings Design Sponge

7. Gold Leaf Bowls from Kelli Murray’s Blog

8. Painted Antlers, Could do it yourself or buy some from Cassandra Smith

9. Home Made Canopy – unable to locate source… 😦

10.Copper Leaf Candle Make Over.. Style by Emily Henderson 


ImageImagediy canopyImage


Interior Design Trend : Leopard Accents

One Interior Design trend I simply can’t get enough of is leopard print. There are certain conditions or rules though…

1. Less is more – Leopard overload is a one way ticket from tasteful to tacky.

2. Subtle tone – a garish print or the wrong shade is a NO. My favourites tend to be muted and skewed towards brown and neutral tones (not orange and certainly not any brightly coloured variations)

3. Furry? – If your going for the faux fur look it has to be high quality, cheap faux fur is just wrong


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I L.O.V.E TIE DYE. These are my top picks…

Clockwise from Top Right – 1.Rockettstgeorge Linen Smoke Cushion £50, 2.Idyll Home Tie Dye Cushion £30, 3.Furbish Fuchsia Ikat Silk Pillow $45, 4. Anthropologie Fushion Cushion £168, 5. Rigby & Mac Tie Dye Linen Cushion £55