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A touch of neon…

This Post is dedicated to the neon interior design trend. The most sucessful inspiration images I have uncovered use the trend sparingly, using small accessories or artwork to add an injection of colour into an otherwise neutral scheme. Of course there are exceptions, for example the  eccentric home of Australian artist Damien Downey — reflective of his artwork, his interior design scheme pairs bold neons with softer pastels to great effect.


Here are a selection of inspiration images, some favourite neon products & “mood boards” to illustrate ways of creating the look @ home.

 <<  P E A C E   *    O U T  >>


A collage of the artist Damien Downeys home along with an example of his artwork.

(Images from Home Life , collage by Tatty Lace)



1 – Yellow spray paint required 2/3/4/5/6




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Interior Design Trend: Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone flooring is another trend I can’t get enough of, it exudes sophistication but its zig-zag lines can also be playful & vibrant in tone. The variety of material options from brickwork to ceramics or wood can offer something clean or rustic in texture that can add depth or contrast to an interior design scheme…

Anyway – I sincerely  hope you reap as much enjoyment from the wild world of herringbone flooring as I have..

All the Best herringbone 6

herringbone 9 herringbone 8 Herringbone flooring 1 herringbone flooring 2 herringbone 3

herringbone 7


Interior Design Trend : Leopard Accents

One Interior Design trend I simply can’t get enough of is leopard print. There are certain conditions or rules though…

1. Less is more – Leopard overload is a one way ticket from tasteful to tacky.

2. Subtle tone – a garish print or the wrong shade is a NO. My favourites tend to be muted and skewed towards brown and neutral tones (not orange and certainly not any brightly coloured variations)

3. Furry? – If your going for the faux fur look it has to be high quality, cheap faux fur is just wrong